28 Jan 2009

Chappell doesn't want Symonds in Australian team

5:56 am on 28 January 2009

The former Australian cricket captain Ian Chappell does not believe allrounder Andrew Symonds should be in the current team.

Symonds was yesterday charged under Cricket Australia's code of conduct for making a detrimental public comment, following his alcohol-fuelled outburst towards Black Cap Brendan McCullum during a radio interview.

Chappell says recalling Symonds would be an "enormous distraction" to the Australian team which already has enough cricket-based problems to deal with.

Chappell doesn't think the Queenslander has yet come to terms with a drinking problem and he also feels Symonds' behaviour effectively reduces his value to any team because of the distraction and irritation it creates for teammates.

He doesn't believe Symonds has accepted that he does have a problem.

Chappell offered captain Ricky Ponting as an example of a sportsman who had successfully dealt with a drinking problem, and done so by starting with a public admission of his frailty.