30 Jan 2009

Number of appeals in umpire decision review system trial reduced

9:17 am on 30 January 2009

The International Cricket Council has docked the number of unsuccessful reviews allowed by teams per innings under its umpiring referral system.

Rather than the three that have been available up to now under the trial scheme, teams will only be allowed to refer two decisions they don't agree with to the television umpire.

The ICC wants to avoid frivolous appeals in the final trial phase.

The trimmed version will be used in England's four-Test series in West Indies starting next week. If feedback from the first two games is positive, it will be used in Australia's series in South Africa starting on February 26.

Once those series are finished, a full appraisal of the trial will be undertaken and the issue of whether to continue with the review system or discard it will be debated at the ICC Cricket Committee in May.