4 Feb 2009

Allegations Barry Bonds tested positive for performance enhancing drugs

12:22 pm on 4 February 2009

A Barry Bonds urine sample he provided as part of baseball's anonymous testing in 2003 has allegedly tested positive for performance-enhancing substances.

The New York Times reports Bonds provided samples that did not test positive under Major League Baseball's drug-testing program, but those samples were retested after they were seized in a 2004 raid.

The new information could be a key factor in Bonds' perjury trial, which is scheduled to begin on March the 2nd.

Baseball's home run king, Bonds testified to a federal grand jury in 2003 that he used the "cream" and the "clear", but did not know that they were performance-enhancing drugs.

The urine samples could prove the existence of other steroids in his body.

During testimony, Bonds said he never took steroids.

The government alleges that Bonds lied under oath.