24 Feb 2009

ICL fails to get recognition from official bodies

7:28 am on 24 February 2009

The International Cricket Council, the Indian Cricket League and the Indian Cricket Board have failed to reach a resolution after a three-hour meeting in Johannesburg today on the unauthorised league's request for official recognition.

The ICC president, David Morgan, described the failure of the discussions as unfortunate but said that the meeting was held in a friendly manner.

While the ICC has made it clear that the matter has to be sorted out by the home board - the BCCI, in this case - Indian officials have stuck to their hardline stance on the unofficial league and banned all ICL cricketers from all forms of official cricket.

The ICL's hopes for a legal resolution received a boost recently with the Sindh High Court in Pakistan ruling that Pakistani cricketers associated with ICL be allowed to play domestic cricket in that country.

Over 150 cricketers from India, England, West Indies, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and Bangladesh have been signed up by ICL, which is now in its second year. However, the private league decided to cancel its World Series Twenty20 event for March due to the deepening economic recession and non-availability of Pakistan players following rising cross-border tensions.