25 Feb 2009

High-tech study launched to detect illegal bowling actions

5:56 am on 25 February 2009

The International Cricket Council and the MCC are to fund Griffith University and Australia's elite sporting bodies to develop an electronic sensor to record and monitor bowlers' actions.

The tiny device would be mounted on a bowler's arm to instantly assess the legality of the action by measuring the degree of elbow extension between the time the bowling arm reaches a horizontal level and the ball is released.

Current ICC regulations stipulate a 15-degree tolerance threshold for elbow extension.

This is accepted as the point at which any extension begins to become noticeable to the human eye.

The ICC's General Manager - Cricket David Richardson says one of the difficulties of testing bowlers' actions in laboratories is that match conditions cannot always be replicated.

The device will use a combination of accelerometers, rate gyroscopes and other wireless inertial sensors.