17 Mar 2009

Commonwealth Games security in the spotlight, but it won't move from Delhi

8:02 am on 17 March 2009

The Indian government is to form a special task force to cover the security of athletes and spectators at next year's Commonwealth Games in delhi.

Security has come under increased scrutiny after attacks on the Indian sub-continent, most recently an attack on the Sri Lankan crciket team in Lahore.

The head of the Australian Commonwealth Games Association claims the games could be cancelled if a security assessment one month from the start deemed them unsafe to proceed.

But the chief executive of the Commonwealth Games Federations, the New Zealander Michael Hooper, says the Games will take place in Delhi....

The Indian government promised to spend an additional 29 million dollars to upgrade security at the Games after the attack on Sri Lanka's cricketers in Lahore earlier this month.

It also says it will instigate security methods similar to those employed at last year's Beijing Olympics.