17 Mar 2009

Aussie swim coach still expects records to fall

5:50 am on 17 March 2009

Australia's head coach Alan Thompson still expects swimming world records to fall at next year's Commonwealth Games despite the crackdown on high-tech suits.

The likes of the Speedo LZR Racer, the suit worn in the majority of last year's world record rampage, are set to be phased out of competition this year.

Swimming's governing body FINA has added a permeability test for 2010 which Thompson believes will see the end of the LZR Racer from competition.

The new rules for 2010 only allow suits to have a maximum of 50 per cent of non-permeable materials but Thompson thought the LZR Racer was about 75 per cent.

Thompson thought FINA had done a good job in balancing out the commercial realities of the sport with the need for an even playing field.