16 May 2009

SANZAR all sorted out, says NZ rugby boss

6:31 am on 16 May 2009

The New Zealand Rugby Union chief executive Steve Tew says they can now move on with their planning now that the SANZAR agreement remains intact.

New Zealand, South Africa and Australia met in Dublin overnight and have come to an agreement to keep the alliance going after 2010.

The alliance had looked shaky in recent months with South Africa threatening to pull out over plans to expand the Super 14 which they felt would compromise their Currie Cup provincial competition.

Australia wanted the Super 14 or 15 to start in March to avoid clashes with cricket and the heat, which put them at odds with the South Africans.

However the three parties have come together and will continue with their competitions after the current agreement expires at the end of 2010.

Details won't be released until next week, but Tew hinted that there were likely to be 15 teams from 2011.

He says they can now work on finalising their presentation to their broadcasting partners by the end of June.