20 May 2009

Tew says lenght of new Super 15 season needed

3:08 pm on 20 May 2009

The New Zealand Rugby Union chief executive Steve Tew says Australia will benefit a lot from the announcement of a new Super 15 competition, and it is important that the sport makes the most of the market there.

A proposal of an expanded competition will see each country host a conference with the new 15th team to be in Australia.... the winner of each conference qualifies for the finals with the next 3 teams with the best records also qualifying.

Each team plays the other teams in their conference home and away and will then play 8 of the other teams.

The Super 15 season is now expanded to 24 weeks from February to August.

Tew says while it's a long competition, with the likes of the Australian Rugby Union under intense financial pressure, they have to do their best to make the sport viable....


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OUT:...good result

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Meanwhile the Tri-Nations will always kick-off in South Africa in mid-August and conclude with two of the three trans-Tasman matches in early October to allow for early release of Springboks to the Currie Cup