6 Jun 2009

Mosley threatens F1 teams to obey or go

9:01 am on 6 June 2009

The FIA President Max Mosley has told his sport's rebel teams to obey the rules or leave and set up their own series.

On the eve of opening practice for this weekend's Turkish Grand Prix, the controversial Englishman made it clear that he and the FIA were not going to be pushed around, or pressurised, by the leading F1 teams led by the main manufacturers.

Mosley doesn't believe it is possible for the FIA to comply with the demands of the nine teams, all members of the Formula One Teams Association, which had lodged their entries for the 2010 championship on condition that they dictated the rules.

The FIA plans to introduce an optional 40 million pound ($65.10 million) budget cap next season to keep teams in the sport and encourage new ones to enter at a time of global recession.

The Formula One Teams Association, chaired by Ferrari president Luca di Montezemolo, has said the plan would create an unacceptable two-tier championship.

Champions Ferrari, the Italian glamour team with an unbroken 60-year record in Formula One, are among those threatening to quit if the regulations are not scrapped.

If the current teams fail to adhere to the rules and obey the proposals, their places may be offered to some of the several new teams that have also submitted entires.