17 Jun 2009

FIA says FOTA faction seeking to derail agreement

8:02 am on 17 June 2009

Formula One's governing body has accused an 'element' within the teams' association FOTA of seeking to scupper attempts to secure the future of the crisis-hit sport.

The International Automobile Federation says it feels there's been a "large measure of agreement" in talks last Thursday with representatives of Ferrari, Toyota, Red Bull and Brawn GP.

The FIA says it was therefore astonished to learn that some FOTA members not present at the meeting have falsely claimed that nothing was agreed and the meeting had been a waste of time.

It says there is clearly an element in the association which is determined to prevent any agreement being reached regardless of the damage this may cause to the sport.

FOTA and FIA are locked in a stand-off over the 2010 rules and a planned budget cap, with champions Ferrari one of several teams threatening to walk away unless the terms are rewritten.