23 Jun 2009

90 year old swimmer looks to repeat efforts as a 19 year old

6:43 pm on 23 June 2009

A 90-year-old Canadian woman who won gold at Sydney's British Empire Games 71 years ago is making a nostalgic attempt to repeat the feat at this year's World Masters Games.

Noel Morrow was a 19-year-old swimmer in Canada's victorious 4x110 yards freestyle team at the 1938 Games, forerunner of the Commonwealth Games.

Morrow has entered four events, and when her program is over she plans to take her daughter and her husband to North Sydney pool, where she triumphed in 1938.

Morrow is hard of hearing, so her daughter will help her at the beginning of races by tapping her knee as the starting pistol is fired.

25,000 entrants from around 100 countries are competing at the event.