26 Jun 2009

New Zealand swimmers will be able to wear any suits at world champs

2:31 pm on 26 June 2009

Swimming New Zealand will support the rights of their swimmers to use any of the newly approved speedsuits in next month's FINA World Championships in Rome.

While SNZ is disappointed that FINA has allowed this latest situation with the swimsuits to develop, they will not stand in the way of the swimmers' rights to compete in any of the suits which have now been approved by the governing body.

Swimming New Zealand CEO Mike Byrne says their major sponsor is Arena and they support them totally but in competition the swimmers will be entitled to wear any of the speedsuits that have now been cleared by FINA.

Several swimmers have already identified that they wish to wear the new Arena X-Glide suit and Arena have arranged for several of these to be sent to New Zealand urgently.

Full body swimsuits have been at the centre of debate recently because many some of them give a swimmer more boyancy.