16 Jul 2009

West Indies cricket dispute hits new low

6:45 am on 16 July 2009

West Indies cricket, which has been torn apart by a bitter strike staged by its first-choice Test team, has sunk to a new, tawdry low.

The West Indies Players Association, whose dispute with the West Indies Cricket Board led to a boycott of the opening Test against Bangladesh by senior players, is now demanding an apology for alleged mismanagement.

In a statement laced with sarcasm and under the heading "We Apologise", the Players Association have made it clear the players will not be backing down in their dispute with the Board - and will not apologise.

Instead, they believe it is the Board who should be showing contrition and listed a host of grievances against the board.

The statement from Players Association followed a strongly-worded letter from the Board addressed to the players requesting they apologise by today or face non-selection for the ICC Champions' Trophy to be staged in September in South Africa.

The second Test against Bangladesh gets underway here on Friday.