22 Jul 2009

QC says Liverpool's Gerrard lost cool in bar brawl

6:23 am on 22 July 2009

A court in England has heard that Liverpool's captain Steven Gerrard "lost his self control" and hit a businessman in a bar row over background music.

Gerrard's six co-defendants earlier pleaded guilty to being involved in the bar brawl on December 29 leaving the 29-year-old England midfielder to stand trial.

Prosecutor David Turner QC told a Liverpool court 34-year-old Marcus McGee, in charge of music for the night at Southport's Lounge Bar, refused to let Gerrard take control of a CD player.

Security camera footage showed Gerrard talking to McGee before one of the co-defendants elbowed the businessman.

Turner said Gerrard quickly joined in with a "succession of well aimed uppercut punches delivered with the style and speed of a professional boxer rather than a professional footballer".

The England international pleaded not guilty to a charge of affray, claiming he was acting in self-defence.