25 Jul 2009

Referees' survey disappoints Steve Price

5:05 am on 25 July 2009

The Warriors captain Steve Price says he's a bit disappointed in a rugby league magazine survey of referees who rated him as one of the NRL's most difficult captains to deal with, along with Manly's Matt Orford.

Price doesn't think he's changed the way he's approached referees over the years and thought he had a pretty good rapport with them.

He says at no stage does he try to make the referees' job harder but he also has a responsibility as captain of his team to try to talk to them if he thinks something's not right.

But Price says these days it's hard to talk to referees and he's usually told to go away when he approaches them.

He says he refereed when he was younger and got his certificate, so he knows referees have a tough job.