30 Jul 2009

Phelps boycott threatened over suit delay

9:51 am on 30 July 2009

The American superstar Michael Phelps will be told by his coach to boycott international swimming until FINA end the swimsuit circus that has turned the Rome world championships into a farce.

Phelps's coach Bob Bowman says he'll recommend Phelps not race internationally until FINA carries out all the demands from the swimming community to end the suit saga once and for all.

FINA has announced new regulations overnight but hasn't put a definitive date on the implementation of saying only they'll come into effect in "April or May" 2010.

The rules will be given to manufacturers by September 30, but FINA wants to then give the makers time to produce enough suits .

The lack of finality has angered swimmers and coaches who are fed up with FINA's pandering to manufacturers.

Phelps says he'll follow Bowman's advice as the one meet he's looking forward to the most is the Olympics in London in three years.