5 Aug 2009

Buick pulls out of PGA sponsorship leaving two tournaments without backing

4:29 pm on 5 August 2009

The US PGA Tour and US carmaker Buick has announced it's withdrawing from all sponsorship agreements, leaving two golf tournaments without backing for 2010.

Parent company General Motors is undergoing court-supervised reorganisation due to economic hardships in the global recession and dropping the multi-million-dollar sponsorship deals which Buick had for years was part of the rescue plan.

The PGA Tour plans to announce details about a replacement event for the Buick Open on the 2010 calendar, reportedly set for a West Virginia course, and is exploring options to keep an event in Michigan.

Discussions are ongoing regarding continuation of the Torrey Pines event but a new sponsor will be needed to replace Buick, which once backed four US PGA events in a single season.