29 Aug 2009

Aitken responds to accusations of Ferns "information overload"

4:03 pm on 29 August 2009

The New Zealand netball head coach, Ruth Aitken, says the criticism of the Silver Ferns' series loss to a World Seven is hurting but it won't affect the midcourt changes they're tying to make.

A former coach, Yvonne Willering, says the team may be suffering from infomation overload with all the outside help that has been enlisted.

Willering says that could explain the hesitancy and lack of communication all too evident in the losses in Wellington and Rotorua.

But Ruth Aitken says the players accept the need to create space to deliver the ball faster and flatter to the shooters rather than trying to pass over defenders, and there's no crisis.

Aitken says she is confident the team will look back on the World Seven series and say it was a tough tour that a lot for them.

The third test is tonight in Auckland