5 Sep 2009

Bolt wants to bolt back to Jamaica

9:18 am on 5 September 2009

Usain Bolt enthralled a capacity crowd in Brussels with his showmanship and stadium record on Friday, but said later he was missing Jamaica and seeking some respite.

"I'm really looking forward to going home -- just a couple of races left," said Bolt, who posted a seemingly effortless time of 19.57 seconds to win the 200 metres at the season's last Golden League meeting.

Bolt, who crushed his own records at both 100 and 200 metres at the world champions in Berlin last month, has been on the road since July 1, his manager said, and was feeling the strain.

The triple Olympic and world champion said his body was tired after a full season of competition, explaining why he eased off slightly in the final 25-30 metres.

Next year, without either Olympics or world championships, would offer a chance for recuperation.

"It won't be so intense. I need to calm down a little. You can really rest your body," he told reporters, but said the theatrics that have captivated crowds would not stop.

"That's just my performance," he said. "That will never change."