14 Sep 2009

Valerie Vili says winning streak is massive

7:05 pm on 14 September 2009

New Zealand's world and Olympic shot put champion Valerie Vili has finished the year unbeaten in winning last edition of the World Athletics Final in Greece with a new personal best of 21 point 07 metres.

Vili exceeded her personal best twice in Thessalonika and her new mark is 38 centimetres better than her previous best.

It was also more than a metre-and-a-half better than than the former world champion Nadezdha Ostapchuk of Belarus.

The 2005 champion is the last athlete to beat to beat Vili, who's unbeaten in 13 meets this year and has also extended her winning run to 25 meetings -- the longest ever streak in her event .

Valerie Vili says she wishes her coach of 11 years could've been there to see her win and says her first call was to an ecstatic Kirsten Hellyer in Auckland.