18 Sep 2009

Larrissa Willcox now a Mystic

9:20 am on 18 September 2009

The Northern Mystics appear to be the new powerhouse among New Zealand's trans-Tasman netball franchises with new Silver Fern Larrissa Willcox joining three other national representatives at the Auckland team.

The 26-year-old defender played for the Canterbury Tactix but wanted to move to a North Island team and approached the Mystics through her agent.

So after having no Ferns last season the Mystics now have four, with Maria Tutaia and Joline Henry defecting from the Waikato Bay of Plenty Magic while the incumbent Temepara George has rejoined the national team after a two-year hiatus.

Coach Te Aroha Keenan says they've taken their time and been quite clear in what they wanted for the Mystics, and the board and selection panel have done a great job.

Keenan says they're still looking at signing a few more players from around the region.