13 Oct 2009

Still concerns over delhi being ready for Games

5:57 am on 13 October 2009

Delegates from the Commonwealth still have concerns about the Indian capital, Delhi's, ability to host next year's Commonwealth Games.

Officials have been on a tour of Delhi over the last couple of days to see the progress on various construction sites.

The Games Federation chairman Mike Fennel has been quite scathing in his criticism of local organisers with many of the venues still far from completed and that there can be no further delays.

Fennel has critcised most aspects areas from constructions to organisation, technology and security and has asked for a technical committee to be set up to oversee the work being done.

Fennell says there is no plan B and the games will be in Delhi.

The Commonwealth Games Federation has also confirmed that Fiji has been suspended and will not be in Delhi next year.

However Fennel says the Federation will make a recomendation to the Commonwealth heads of government meeting that sports should not be included in the sanctions imposed on Fiji