18 Nov 2009

Umpire referral system in crisis

6:14 am on 18 November 2009

Cricket's controversial umpire referral system is in crisis, and no test series in the near future will use it.

An updated version of the TV referral system which was trialled during England's Test tour of the West Indies has been approved for use in all Tests.

It was set to be available to India and Sri Lanka in their current Test series.

But it is believed a stand-off has now emerged between cricket's stakeholders over who will fund the equipment.

The view of the cricket boards is if the ICC want it they must pay for it, while the majority of the players would rather do without it

The International Cricket Council (ICC) announced in June that, following trials at domestic and international level, the UDRS would come into use from October.

Under the updated rules, each side would be allowed two unsuccessful challenges per innings in a system similar to that used in American football and tennis.

But it now appears the scheme is in disarray because of a disagreement over who should foot the bill.

The ICC says it is confident that New Zealand will use the system, but it is unsure if that will be in time for next week's first test against Pakistan in Dunedin.