10 Dec 2009

Woods can take heart from Beckham

7:02 am on 10 December 2009

A leading British golf agent says Tiger Woods can repair the damage done to his public image by allegations of multiple affairs,. if he follows the example of footballer David Beckham.

Woods's reputation has been battered in recent weeks by claims from at least 10 women they had affairs with him.

But Andrew Chandler, head of the International Sports Management group, says Woods can restore his image.

Chandler says Beckham went through pretty much the same thing five years ago when he was confronted by newspaper allegations of an extra-marital affair.

He says that passed in about nine months and now Beckham's a superhero again.

However Chandler says Woods will never ber able to be as private as he was and will have to become more accessible from now on and so become a little bit more real.