21 Dec 2009

Phelps leaves Manchester with only one individual win

12:08 pm on 21 December 2009

Eight-times Beijing Olympic champion Michael Phelps may have finished the two-day Duel in the Pool contest in Manchester with just one individual win from four races but he helped his US team-mates easily win the overall event over a European selection.

And he won't be handicapped by an adjustment period once the ban on polyurethane bodysuits starts next year.

Phelps swam the meeting in the textile shorts which will be mandatory from January 1st while his opponents were uniformly dressed in the soon-to-be banned polyurethane bodysuits in which more than 250 world records have been set.

And Phelps also spoke again of Tiger Woods, saying someone told him you can make a thousand mistakes but never make the same mistake again.