9 Jan 2015

Lehmann laments camera position after dropped catch

2:16 pm on 9 January 2015

The Australian cricket coach Darren Lehmann says more thought needed to be given to the positioning of the "spidercam" TV camera after his captain spilled a key catch in the fourth Test against India.

Darren Lehmann

Darren Lehmann Photo: PHOTOSPORT

The spidercam is suspended on a network of wires above the field, enabling broadcasters to show a bird's eye view of the action.

Just before lunch and with Lokesh Rahul on 46, Steve Smith failed to hold on to a top edge from the Indian opener and pointed upwards towards the wire.

Lehmann says he is a fan of the technology, but the camera needed to be moved out of the eyeline of the fielder when the ball went behind the wickets.

Channel Nine and Cricket Australia issued a joint statement saying the ball had not hit the wire.