28 Feb 2015

Bomb attack on Cyprus referee

1:30 pm on 28 February 2015

A pipe bomb has exploded outside the home of a football referee in Cyprus in the latest attack against Cypriot referees and their families.

Referee watch, whistle and wedding ring.

Referee watch, whistle and wedding ring. Photo: PHOTOSPORT

The explosion damaged a vehicle belonging to the wife of a 38-year-old first division referee outside their home close to the coastal town of Larnaca.

There was also slight damage to a neighbouring home.

Referees on the eastern Mediterranean island have increasingly been targeted in recent years.

In January, referees called for a one-week boycott of matches in response to a bomb attack outside the home of a referee's mother, and in October 2014 offices of the referees association were damaged by a bomb.

In response to the latest incident, referees say they are condidering a possible boycott of fixtures scheduled this weekend.

The secretary of the referee's association, Constantinos Skaboullis, says he's counted five similar incidents in less than a year.

There have been no injuries reported from any of the attacks.