24 Jul 2015

Bolt gives up fast food

12:05 pm on 24 July 2015

The Jamaican track star Usain Bolt has admitted to sacrificing fast food in a bid to extend his stellar sprinting career.

Jamaica's Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt.

Jamaica's Olympic sprint champion Usain Bolt. Photo: PHOTOSPORT

Bolt says curbing off-track activities as the years rolled by had been easy compared to having to watch his diet.

The 28-year-old six-time Olympic gold medallist said he's cut back on a lot of things.

Bolt had a growing reputation in his younger years for liking the nightlife and, famously, eating chicken nuggets.

He said when he really realised he was getting older was last season when he got injured.

Bolt said working his way back to fitness was a much greater struggle than when he was younger, now it took time for him to get going and he needed a lot more races.

He said he's noticed that he has to be very careful and had to be aware of everything around him to make sure he's on point, so he's started eating healthy, but that was the hardest thing for him - the sacrifices, "eating vegetables all the time".

Bolt said everything else was easy to give up, but eating healthy was really hard.

He had been struggling with a pelvic injury, but was slated to compete at the Diamond League meet in London on Friday. He made no mention about next month's world championships in Beijing.

But Bolt did talk about what would be his third Olympic Games, in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 - he insisted he felt no pressure from the weight of expectation of a public who have seen him win an unprecedented double-treble gold haul.

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