27 Jun 2016

Curfew considered for NZ athletes in Rio

9:13 am on 27 June 2016

Armed hold-ups of athletes in Rio preparing for the upcoming Olympics has not prompted the New Zealand team to beef up security for its athletes.

Two members of the Australian Paralympic sailing squad were robbed at gunpoint in Rio last week and other athletes have also be held up at knife and gunpoint in the past few months.

Eighty-thousand police and soldiers, double the number of security in London four years ago, will be patrolling the Rio streets during the Games.

The New Zealand team chef de mission Rob Waddell said "you look at all sorts of options to make sure that everyone is safe and well.

NZOC chef de mission Rob Waddell.

NZOC chef de mission Rob Waddell. Photo: Photosport

"A curfew has been discussed by some people but we also realise we've got 360 adults and we look to educate and inform as much as possible so people can use their common sense to make the best decisions possible....but no we haven't got a curfew."

"We've done a lot of pretty blunt clear messaging to athletes about what they will face and what to do..and we'll continue to do that right throughout the Games."

Security in Rio will be double that at the London Olympics in 2012.

Security in Rio will be double that at the London Olympics in 2012. Photo: Photosport

Waddell believed the level of violence would also decrease during the Games.

"In terms of rules we try not to be really prescriptive and say 'you can't do this' or 'you can do that' but athletes will need to let their (team) manager know where they are going and what they are doing....and it's not just a Rio specific thing but it's something you are mindful of in a foreign environment."