21 Feb 2010

Ben Kioons cleared to ski at winter Olympics

6:38 am on 21 February 2010

The New Zealand cross-country skiier Koons has been cleared to compete at the Winter Olympics in Canada after the International Ski Federation conducted a new blood test which showed his haemoglobin levels within approved limits.

An earlier test had seen Koons stood down from competition for health reasons after a standard blood test showed haemoglobin values just over the limit .

Increased haemoglobin can be caused by dehydration and altitude and can lead to health issues and athletes who are affected are not allowed to compete for health reasons.

Koons helped get his down with a daily regime, which included drinking one and half litres of salty water a day.

He'll compete tomorrow in the30 kilometre pursuit at Whistler Olympic Park and on March 1 in the 50 kilometre pursuit.