11 Mar 2010

Pakistan Cricket backtracks on captains bans

6:28 am on 11 March 2010

Pakistan cricket has been in more turmoil overnight.

Two former national captains Younus Khan and Muhammad Yousuf have had their international futures cast aside and restored just as quickly after their National Cricket Board backtracked on its decision to ban the two players.

The PCB said at first the two "should not be part of the team in any format" following reports of in-fighting during their Australian tour earlier this summer on which they lost every match.

The initial announcement sparked a bat-burning protest in Hyderabad, but a few hours later the Board clarified its position saying there was no timeframe on the bans imposed on the two former captains who "will be considered for the national team as and when the Board deems appropriate".

The PCB has fined Shahid Afridi and wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal 50-thousand dollars and Umar Akmal 34-thousand dollars, and banned two other players for 12 months.

Pakistan's selectors are due this week to name their side to defend the Twenty20 World Cup in the West Indies.