13 Apr 2010

Saints sign Devendorf despite chequered past

12:47 pm on 13 April 2010

The Wellington Saints basketball side have signed the troubled American import Eric Devendorf after Waikato sacked him.

Devendorf was involved in an incident at a Napier bar on Friday night, following Waikato's losts to the Bay Hawks but the franchise denies that's the reason they've sacked him.

Davendorf, was a leading performer for Syracuse University, but has had a chequered off court career.

He was suspended at Syracuse in late 2008 for allegedly striking a female student over a traffic incident.

Devendorf played seven games for Waikato and his first match scored a franchise record of 49 points.

The Saints coach Pero Cameron says Devendorf's a talented player who'll give them back up at point guard.