22 Apr 2010

Italy federation to examine new match-fixing phone taps

6:51 am on 22 April 2010

The Italian football federation has opened an investigation in respopnse to new phone tap evidence introduced at a criminal trial in Naples linked to a 2006 match-fixing scandal.

The development will cause flutters in the hearts of Inter Milan fans, whose club could be dragged into the probe just a day after their thrilling 3-1 win over Barcelona in their Champions League semi-final, first leg.

Juventus were demoted in the 2006 scandal, which revolved around clubs procuring favourable referees for matches, and their former general manager Luciano Moggi is now facing a criminal trial in Naples over the affair.

Moggi's lawyers have produced phone tap evidence which they say shows Inter and other clubs not previously linked to the scandal were also involved in trying to choose specific referees, which prosecutors and Inter deny.