12 May 2010

Experts say Woods could be pain free next week

5:52 pm on 12 May 2010

Doctors say Tiger Woods is unlikely to experience any long-term problems because of his lingering neck pain and could feel better by next week.

The world number one was forced to withdraw from the final round of the Players Championship in Florida and will have MRI scans on his troublesome neck later this week.

Dr. Alex Vaccaro, a professor of orthopedics and neurosurgery, says Woods must have been in a lot of pain to pull out in the final round.

However, he says pain in the neck, shoulder, arm or leg often lasts for only a few days to a week. and most cases are better within two weeks.

But a sports medicine specialist, Dr. Victor Khabie, says if there's no structural damage it's likely to be three to six weeks before Woods recovers, otherwise he may require surgery.