21 May 2010

Armstrong not set to call in the lawyers over Landis claims

3:17 pm on 21 May 2010

Lance Armstrong says he won't sue over more accusations of being a drug cheat.

Responding to the claims by disgraced cyclist Floyd Landis, the seven-time Tour de France winner has again denied any doping.

Armstrong's never failed a drug test while Landis has suddenly confessed to doping throughout his career, after he was stripped of his 2006 Tour win following a failed test.

Despite spending four years and well over a milllion dollars protesting his innocence, Landis has now come clean while trying to dish the dirt on Armstrong among others, who says he won't call in the lawyers this time.

Armstrong says it's their word against his word and he likes their word and their credibility.

He says Landis lost his credibility a long time ago and the allegations are not even worth getting into.

Armstrong's had to pull out of the Tour of California following a crash on the fifth stage.