27 May 2010

US swim coaches outed for offences

11:42 am on 27 May 2010

Dozens of US swimming coaches, including a former national team director, have received life bans by the sport's national body for a range of offences such as sexual misconduct, doping and fraud.

Responding to criticism after allegations of abuse were reported by US media earlier this year, USA Swimming has released a list of 46 people who have been either barred for life or resigned their membership over the last two decades.

The list included 36 people who were cited for breaching USA Swimming's Code of Conduct rules for sexual misconduct or "other inappropriate sexually oriented behavior."

Among the names on the list was Everett Uchiyama, who resigned as national team director in 2006.

USA Swimming had previously refused to name any individuals banned by their organisation but relented after months of complaints and claims they were covering up sex-related cases.