2 Jul 2010

ICC wants Review System used at 2011 World Cup

8:19 am on 2 July 2010

The International Cricket Council has agreed in principle to use the umpire Decision Review System at next year's World Cup.

The ICC must first strike a deal with broadcasters ESPN Star Sports to work out whether sufficient technology is available to use at a global event.

The DRS has been plagued by various financial and execution problems.

The ICC would like the technology to be used in all 49 World Cup matches in India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

The DRS allows each side two referrals per innings and was first trialled in a Test match in June 2008.

If a decision is challenged correctly, the referrals remain. However, if an incorrect referral is made by either side, they lose one of their opportunities to challenge the decision of the on-field umpire.

The cost of technology has been the overriding factor in the delay of rolling out DRS, with home cricket boards reluctant to cover the expensive costs of hiring the necessary equipment, while host broadcasters insist they are under no obligation to provide the service for free.