7 Jul 2010

Criticism on the football World Cup ball continues

6:35 am on 7 July 2010

The row over the controversial Jabulani Football World Cup ball is refusing to die down, with the former Liverpool striker, Craig Johnston, having written a 12-page letter to FIFA criticising the ball.

Johnston has collated all the criticism of the ball from players and coaches, and has delivered a detailed and technical description of the problems with the ball.

He says the fact there have been so few goals scored, an average of 2.22 goals per match, which is down on the last two World Cups, is because of the ball.

Johnston expects to be blacklisted by FIFA as a result of his letter.

FIFA says the Jabulani issue will be one of the main topics debated by the national team coaches at a World Cup de-brief expected to be held in September.