13 Jul 2010

FIFA boss gives South African World Cup two thumbs up

6:31 am on 13 July 2010

The FIFA President Sepp Blatter gave South Africa his highest possible mark for a football World Cup that defied sceptics who had predicted disaster.

Blatter gave a mark of nine out of 10 which was the maximum possible saying perfection does not exist in our life.

Last year, when FIFA still had concerns over South African organisation of the vast logistical operation, Blatter had given a mark of 7.5, saying it was below what was required.

But now he says Africa has proven they really can organise a World Cup and they can be proud adding that the tournament had changed perceptions of the continent.

Years of negative reporting had predicted chaos and major criminal incidents in a country notorious for violence.

More than 3.1 million people attended the 64 games, the third highest figure behind the United States in 1994 and Germany in 2006.