15 Jul 2010

Match referee speaks to Aamer about future conduct

6:47 am on 15 July 2010

The match referee Chris Broad has spoken to Pakistan's 18-year-old fast bowler Mohammad Aamer about his conduct after he dismissed Australia's captain Ricky Ponting on day one of the first Test in London.

In the 17th at Lord's, Ponting caught at short-leg, to a delivery from Aamer who crossed paths with the batsman and made contact with him while celebating the


The on-field umpires noted it was the second time in two matches that Aamer had made physical contact with a batsman after taking his wicket and spoke to the Pakistan captain .

Broad says Aamer's an exciting, talented player full of enthusiasm but when he takes a he should celebrate with his team-mates instead of getting imself into the personal space of the outgoing batsman.

He says ity's a spirit of cricket issue.