6 Aug 2008

Groove to go from golf in the rough

2:48 pm on 6 August 2008

Golf's rule-makers have decided to make it harder for golfers to play out of the rough by banning clubs with large grooves on the head.

The Royal and Ancient Golf Association and the USGA says their research shows the modern groove configurations can allow players to generate almost as much spin from the rough as from the fairway.

They want to put more emphasis on players hitting accurately to find fairways.

All clubs, with the exception of drivers and putters, will be affected by the new rules which will limit groove volume and groove-edge sharpness.

Larger volume grooves can help channel away more material such as water or grass while sharper groove edges allow better contact between club and ball, increasing the chance of backspin.

The new rules will come in to force in 2010 for professionals and 2014 for amateurs.