28 Aug 2008

ICC leads tributes on centenary of Bradman's birth

7:48 am on 28 August 2008

The International Cricket Council has hailed Don Bradman as "a byword for brilliance" on the centenary of the cricketer's birth.

ICC president David Morgan says no name in cricket conjures up such widespread awe and respect as that of Sir Donald Bradman.

Morgan says even people with just a passing knowledge of the game or in countries where he never played will invariably recognise the name Bradman as a byword for brilliance.

He says football has Pele and cricket has Bradman.

Australians were paying tribute to him on Wednesday night with captain Ricky Ponting delivering the Bradman oration in Sydney.

Morgan says 60 years after Bradman's final Test match and with time to put his achievements into context, his batting average of 99.94 in 52 tests still seems scarcely believable.