15 Sep 2008

NBC selling of Superbowl going well

6:32 am on 15 September 2008

The American television network, NBC, fresh off its record-setting Olympic coverage, has sold 85 percent of the commercial time available for this season's Super Bowl of American football.

A dozen spots have sold for $4.5 million each.

The media company, majority-owned by General Electric Co., says advertisers have scooped up all but 10 spots for the National Football League's championship game scheduled to take place in Tampa Bay, Florida on February 1st.

NBC Universal says it expects to sell those remaining 30-second commercial slots for at least $4.5 million each.

The Olympic Games scored record audiences, while the 2008 Super Bowl between the New York Giants and New England Patriots was the most-watched NFL championship in history.

Big-event broadcasts such as the Olympics, Super Bowl and Academy Awards command top dollar from advertisers because they represent one of the few programming choices that consistently draw mass audiences.