17 Sep 2008

Waikato lock cleared of foul play

6:49 pm on 17 September 2008

The Waikato lock Kevin O'Neill has been cleared of foul play during Wellington's win over Waikato at the weekend in the national provincial rugby competition.

O'Neill was alleged to have twisted and wrenched Serge Lilo's leg in a ruck causing damage to ligaments and leaving Lilo unable to play for four to eight weeks.

O'Neill appeared before the New Zealand rugby union judiciary today denying the charges.

But judicial officer Bruce Squire says having heard the evidence and reviewed videotape of the incident he's satisfied Lilo sustained the injuries in the manner he claimed.

However, as Lilo wasn't sure who was repsonsible and given the videotape evidence was inconclusive, Mr Squire says he couldn't be satisifed O'Neill was responsible.