18 Sep 2008

Broncos captain accused of drunken behaviour

6:05 am on 18 September 2008

The Brisbane Broncos social woes have taken another hit with claims that their captain Darren Lockyer tackled a hotel manager during a night out two weeks ago.

Terry de Gunten, the owner operator of a Brisbane bar, says six or seven Broncos players had helped themselves to eight bottles of pre-mixed drinks and threw cash behind the bar before walking out with the unopened bottles.

de Gunten says he went after them and was "in fear" of them after he was tackled by Lockyer.

It's believed Broncos officials tried to use legal channels to prevent ABC television from playing footage of the incident last night.

Three other Broncos players, Karmichael Hunt, Sam Thaiday and Darius Boyd are currently the subjects of a police investigation into an alleged sexual assault on a 24-year-old woman last weekend.