1 Oct 2008

IOC more credible on doping since Beijing: Rogge

7:10 am on 1 October 2008

The International Olympic Committee president says it's a more credible organisation on doping since the Beijing Games.

Just eight athletes were suspended for using banned substances and the IOC's Belgian head Jacques Rogge says another three athletes have doping cases pending under appeal, as have four showjumpers whose horses tested positive.

This meant a maximum possible total of 15 cases, according to Rogge, who had expected about 30-40 cases of doping at last month's Olympics.

Rogge also says China had "opened up" during the Games, leaving an important legacy in terms of new sporting sites, infrastructure and environmental awareness.

About 4,500 doping tests were carried out during the Games compared to 3,500 in Athens four years ago.

In addition 40 athletes were banned during months of extensive testing before the Olympics.