3 Oct 2008

NRL judiciary press on with action against Storm

7:40 am on 3 October 2008

The Melbourne Storm are concerned that a defamation case against their coach and chief executive is undermining the buildup to Sunday's National Rugby League Grand Final against Manly in Sydney.

As the fallout from Storm skipper Cameron Smith's season-ending suspension stretched well into a second week, the NRL judicial panel members Darrell Williams, Darren Britt and Royce Ayliffe deiced yesterday to take legal action against the Storm CEO Brian Waldron and coach Craig Bellamy after the pair appeared to question the panel's integrity.

Waldron has urged the judiciary to hold fire until after the Grand Final, but panel member Darrell Williams said earlier this week he'd run out of patience.

It's not clear what sort of damages the judiciary panellists will be seeking from Melbourne who've already been fined 50-thousand dollars for comments made by their coach and chief executive last week.