14 Oct 2008

Broncos introduce stricter drinking policies

6:59 pm on 14 October 2008

The Brisbane Broncos chief executive Bruno Cullen says a feeling of being "let down" by players has forced changes in the player drinking policy at the national rugby league.

The Broncos have announced a new system of curfews and a ban on players drinking between Sunday matches and Friday games.

The move follows what Cullen describes as a disappointing end to the 2008 season which included a number of off-field incidents.

Cullen has partly blamed a "change in demographic" in the club line-up due to salary limits for the behaviour problems saying the club lacks a strong, mature leadership group claiming its been forced by the salary cap.

The changes will also mean players will be checked for soft tissue injuries and limits put on their drinking to improve recovery.

Cullen denis the rules will be the strictest in rugby league and says it's open to review in 2010 if players keep their priomise.