21 Oct 2008

Mosley rejects standard KERS system for Formula One

10:42 am on 21 October 2008

The head of motorsport's world governing body says Formula One teams will in future gain their competitive edge from new technology rather than expensive engines.

Max Mosley will meet the Formula One Teams Association in Geneva tonight to discuss urgent cost-cutting measures and has highlighted the importance of the kinetic energy recovery system as an example.

He says it will be essential on all road-going vehicles in the future, irrespective of their means of primary propulsion.

But he says the FIA would resist a standard system, which uses the heat generated by the car's brakes for additional power.

Mosley says it's not rational to standardise a new technology directly relevant to the biggest single problem facing road transport -- energy efficiency -- while allowing continued development in wholly irrelevant areas such as Formula One aerodynamics.